Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Good Morning Sister Friends!!  How goes it this week?  Did you get a chance to take advantage of the RUBBERNECKER sale?  Well, if you did not?  There are plenty more SUPER sales where that came from!!  So, speaking of chances......have you had the chance to peruse the RUBBERNECKER gallery?  You know, the new one, over at the store?  Oh my!  LOTS of creativity going on over there!  Since I know a lot of you are busy and may not have visited the gallery, I thought I would share a creation HERE!!  Check this one out, courtesy of the AWESOMELY talented CHARLENE DRIGGS!!

How CA-ute is this?   I LOVE it!!  Don't you?  Be sure to give a click above to VISIT Charlene and see what else she has to share!!  Alrighty, I must be off now!  Don't forget to play along with our NEW MONTHLY challenge!!  You can find all the DEETS by clicking the CHALLENGE tab above!!  Until next time!  Hope you have a wonderful day!!

Enjoy Life~Javablustamper/Jacquie